Frequently Asked Questions
What is MADAD?
Madad is a Hindi word meaning ‘help’. Also, Madad is a Slack bot that will help you to manage your calendar by chatting to the bot. With Madad in your slack channel, you can: Create events in your connected calendar
  • Connect new calendars
  • See your day broadcast
  • See your weekly broadcast
  • And much more
How do I use it?

Using Madad is easy. For using Madad you have to add Madad chatbot to your slack workspace. You can do it directly from After adding the chatbot to your account, you can connect your google calendars to Madad.

After connecting the google calendar, you can add events to the calendar from Madad. Also, you can list your events on a specific day, week or month.

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Do I have to pay to use Madad?

No, you don’t have to pay a penny to use Madad. Madad is built with an ambition to make world a better place by making planning easy. Our sole mission is a hassle free world. :)

Is Madad using any of my personal information?

Madad is using your Email and Name to keep in touch with you. Obviously your calendar data is also used to help you manage it. Other than that, Madad won’t use any of your personal information.

Can I connect multiple calendars and manage?

Yes, you can connect multiple calendars to manage using Madad. Though, the events you create will be added to your default calendar. You can change the default calendar by signing in to the Madad dashboard.